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Important Dates


The last day to sign up for formal recruitment is August 1st. The link to sign up is below


Recruitment dates are August 12-18. If you have any questions about Alpha Delta Pi's recruitment, contact our Recruitment and Marketing Vice President below 

Bid Day

The best day of the year is on August 19th! See what Bid Day is like below


Why Should Your Daughter Be an Alpha Delta Pi?

Sending your daughter off to college is for many, an all new experience. Joining a sorority can help college seem a little less daunting,  and feel a little more like a home.


When your daughter becomes a member of Alpha Delta Pi, you as a parent can be sure that your daughter is in an environment where she can be herself completely and comfortably. She will learn how to manage her time between school, social events, and community service. Alpha Delta Pi is a space for participating in leadership roles, making connections that benefit her future, and create relationships with people who will always be there. 


Your daughter will know what it means to have girls that “live for her” as she does the same. 

How are you included?

There are two special events that parents are included in each year. The University of Arizona holds a parent’s weekend during the fall and Alpha Delta Pi plans events to add to the fun of the weekend. From wearing matching shirts, to attending football games together, eating Friday brunch at the Alpha Delta Pi house, and everything in between, there is always something to do! 


Every spring Alpha Delta Pi puts on a Mom’s Weekend or Dad’s Weekend, which rotate yearly. The weekend includes fun events for you and your daughter to attend. Like touring the ADPi house, morning hikes, and fun spring sporting events.


We are so excited to welcome your daughter and you into our home and family.